Yorkshire Wolds Way Offers Excellent Peace and Tranquility

When traveling through the East and North Yorkshire region of England you will come across Yorkshire Wolds Way, which is another one of Britain’s National Trails. It’s 79 miles in length and will take about between five and seven days to explore if you’d like to travel the entire route. About half of the trail is also suitable for horseback riders and cyclists.

Yorkshire Wolds Way

The best place to start this trail is to head to the Humber River at the community of Hessle. This is near the Humber Bridge and is located just a couple of miles outside of the city of Hull. The trail will then take you to the finishing point of Filey, which is on the east coast of the country about seven miles south of the beautiful town of Scarborough.

When traveling along the path you’ll see some wonderful views of the lovely countryside. The landscapes include dramatic valleys, large fields and rolling hills. Along with the Humber Bridge, a couple of other noticeable places you pass include Londesborough Estate and the village of Wharram Percy. Most hikers feel a tremendous sense of freedom when walking this trail due to the marvelous open spaces on it.

If you’d like to head into any of the towns, the nearest ones are Hull, Hessle, York, Scarborough, and Filey. All of these communities have train stations and most of the small villages along the pathway can be accessed by local bus services. For those who would like to spend longer than just a day trip on the route, there are numerous options available for accommodations. There are plenty of hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, and campgrounds along the way in some of the most gentle and tranquil countryside in the nation. In fact, on clear days your eyes may actually believe they can see forever.

The villages that are sprinkled along the Yorkshire Wolds Way offer quite a bit of history. These are ideal destinations to stop in and explore while enjoying a lunch or dinner made from local produce. This is one of the main reasons why most hikers spend several days on the trail. Of all of Britain’s National Trails, this is generally considered by most people to be the most peaceful and quietest.

You don’t need any special hiking equipment to tackle the trail. It’s one of the easier ones to complete since there aren’t any serious hills to climb. In fact, a couple of long-distance runners completed the entire 79 miles of the path in just over 13 hours during the summer of 2011. Since there is so much beauty in the British countryside there’s also a bonus for those who end their hike at Filey.

Some people actually like to keep on exploring and they can do so here as the trail links up with the Cleveland Way. This allows them to carry on hiking while they can cover another one of the National Trails. For those visitors or residents of Britain who’d like to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, they’ll find one of the best choices is to take a hike down Yorkshire Wolds Way.

photo credit: (www.nationaltrail.co.uk)


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