Wonderful Facts about Setthorns Campsite

Setthorns is one of the hugely popular campsites to explore the beauty and wildlife of New Forest in England to the fullest. Surrounded by serene nature and scenic landscape, this is an ideal pitch for camping with friends or family. It offers an absolutely secluded hideaway, blends easily with nature and filled with tranquil nooks and hidden surprises.

wonderful facts about setthorns campsite

Following are some of the advantages of camping at Setthorns Campsite:

Privacy with Cosy Atmosphere

Setthorns campsite effortlessly blends with the surrounding forests, where nature intertwines with wildlife. There are enough bushes and plants to provide the needed privacy to each site. Complete with caravans and motorhomes, there are multiple pitches available here for camping.

Explore Forest to the Fullest

In this campsite you never know where the forest begins as it is seamlessly blended with the campsite. Boasted as the most stunning forest area in England, the New Forest offers a lot to the visitor. You can either walk around or hire a bike to explore the forest for its rich wildlife and exotic plant life.

Hospitable Atmosphere to Stay

In order to be back with Mother Nature for a while, Setthorns offers the perfect campsite. The hospitable staff here assists and guide you about the best available pitches to camp. With bushes and trees separating each pitch, here you can enjoy your privacy in the middle of cosy nooks.

Well-Separated Camping Sites

If you don’t have a comfortable setting to stay, it is difficult to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere to the fullest. Here you have the option of diverse pitches in varied settings to place your caravan or motorhome for your camping.

Wildlife in Abundance

The wildlife in the area is vast, which comprises of freely wandering deer and ponies in close proximity and a whole host of other animals. You can see some of the rare birds and mammals here, which are busy in their lives unaware of the watching eyes around.

Situated in close proximity to the nearby village Sway, you have the option of shops, cafes and restaurants here. Whether you plan to go with family and kids or with friends, Setthorns campsite is an ideal location to enjoy nature with a thick forest and wildlife around. It is one of those places which is still rustic and unspoiled surrounded by nature in its full glory.  Popular as the most spectacular forest area in England, filled with a rich wildlife and winding paths this campsite is perfect for an idyllic holiday.


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