Top 5 Winter Hiking Spots in UK

Hiking is usually referred to as walking in the UK even though hiking refers to a vigorous and long walk on the trails as against normal walking. But there are many trails in the UK where the fun of hiking triples up in the winter or as some may say that the fun is only in the winter.

Hiking in the winter is particularly rewarding according to some and there is no charge to be paid for hiking except for personal expenses. For all those who love to hike in the winters can look at the following top hiking spots in the UK:

1. Richmond Park- Kingston Upon Thames

Many people will vouch for the fact that there isn’t a better time to enjoy the beauty of the Richmond Park and that there is no better place to be at in the winters other than this. The area hosts about 600 deer and offers many beautiful trails alongside the river which just adds to the whole experience. There is also a cafe which is placed to provide the hikers with some refreshments they may need.

2. Dovedale, Peak District

dovedale, peak district

It is said about this hiking spot that it offers something for every kind of hiker i.e. even though the trail in only 5 miles it  consists of narrow gorges, carved valleys and an amazingly brilliant  scenic setting which massages the spirit of every hiker who visits this place.

3. Offa’s Dyke, Knighton

offa’s dyke,  knightonThis trek is where England blurs and merges into Whales leaving a spectacular ridgeline for the hikers to explore. The magical views offered by this spectacular area include a view of the Malvern Hills, the Shropshire Hills and the Black Mountains. The trek ends with at a country pub which seems like a perfect and most poetic end to a brilliant trail.

4. Bath, Somerset

Bath is a city that was built on seven hills, just like Rome. One can imagine the brilliance of the skyline trail here that gives a panoramic and awe-inspiring view of the city. The beauty of the trees, the windy paths and the atmospheric Bathampton Woods makes to the list of must visit trails in the UK.

5. White Cliffs of Dover, Kent

white cliffs of  dover, kent

This is one of the most stirring hikes that one can take in the UK in the winter season. The cliffs are the most south eastern part of the UK and are also one of the most beautiful hike trails one could ask for. Explore the place and the awesomeness of the trail in you hiking boots alone or with family.


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