Know the Most Helpful Winter Camping Tips in UK

Though most of you associate camping with the summers under starry skies, the thrill of camping in the winters is like no other. UK has several camping sites that are great for this type of winter adventure. But unlike summers there is an extra head to take care of…and that is the cold. However, if you follow some basic methods and tips, you should be able to enjoy such an experience as well.

winter camping tips in UK

Camping Tips for Winter

  • Camping means pitching tents and that can take some time even with the experienced hands. You need to wear gloves while you are at it and especially if your camping site is snow clad.
  • If the camping site has soft snow, stamp down a platform and then pitch the tent. This platform must be larger than the tent area and leave it as it for sometime so that it can harden.
  • Make sure you have ample clothing for the chilly nights along with proper blankets. If possible get sleeping bags that will keep you warm at night. Wear a scarf or a cap that will keep your ears and head warm and will reduce the risk of catching a cold.
  • Pack enough water and make sure you pack it at the bottom of your bag to stop it from freezing. You can invest is some water insulators.
  • Keep eating small meals as the cold will burn a lot of calories. Soups, broth, warm milk and other hot drinks are quite necessary in the cold camping trip. This will keep you warm and hydrated. But you need to avoid caffeine in drinks. The caffeine causes you to lose fluids from your body.
  • At higher altitudes the food will take longer to cook. You need to plan your meals with time and also make sure that your meals do not comprise of items that need a lot of boiling. You can also take an extra stove just in case you need some extra food and extra time to cook.
  • Camping in the cold may mean staying in wet clothes. This often gives rise to hypothermia. Some symptoms of hypothermia are uncontrolled shivering, mumbling, mental confusion and poor coordination. In case you something like this happening to someone in your camping group, get them into dry clothes and huddle up to keep him warm. Also give them something warm to drink.

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