White Water Rafting Trips in UK

The truth is that only a few people have the courage to try white water rafting in UK. At first the sport may seem quite dangerous but in reality this sport is suitable for all age groups and it could turn out to be great for family bonding.

White Water Rafting Trips in UK

United Kingdom White Water Rafting

It is good to know about white water rafting in this country that the majority of the sites suitable for this sport are artificially created by placing boulders in running water. We could be referring to natural rivers or a diverted stretch of a river.

Where to go?

There are some locations regarding white water rafting in the United Kingdom that you should not miss out on. These include River Findhornwhich you could visit at any moment of the year, but it is best to go there from August to May.

River Spey

If you are a beginner regarding white water rafting in UK this is the right place for you to go. Although you can visit it all year, it is best to choose the warm summer months. Once you get the hang of it, you could also go to River Tummel which is a bit more challenging but also more fun.

River Tay

In case you like white water rafting in England, but you don’t want the sport to get very challenging, this is a suitable place for you. On the other hand River Orchy is suitable for those who are really into the sport. This is a wild place that runs outside summer.

Bespoke Rivers

Again, white water rafting in UK can turn out to be tricky. However, you shouldn’t let yourself be intimidated by water and see it as your goal to go rafting at this place. You can be sure that you will have memories that you will never forget.

When to go rafting?

The best thing about English white water rafting is that you can practice it on any day of the week, all year long. However, some of the rivers become more challenging at some points of the year so you should make your pick according to your skills and depending on how adventurous you feel.

There is a lot to know about white water rafting in UK and luckily you can find numerous instructors who can introduce you to the magical world of rafting. Just make sure that your instructor has enough experience.


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