6 Amazing Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Camping Trip

Camping is the most loved outdoor activities for a lot of people around the world and is something which brings a lot of us close to nature. But do we really let the environment be as green as it deserves to be or does the human foot print leave the environment damaged? Well if you think you are causing damage to the environment due to your camping habits, then there are many steps that you can take to have an eco-friendly camping trip. The following are the 7 most amazing ways to do so:

amazing ways to have an eco-friendly camping trip1. Leave the Gadgets at Home

If you are heading for the nature, it is best to leave the gadgets at home. Unnecessary gadgets that require batteries can cause damage to the environment and must be avoided on camping trip. Ofcourse, you will need to take certain mandatory things like flashlights and a cellphone.

2. Camp Nearby

Another eco-friendly way to camp out in the wilderness is to camp somewhere nearby. This will not only cut down on the fuel you use to reach the camp site but will also save your travel time.

3. Stay on the Trail

When you are heading out for a trek or a hike in the area near the camp site, then make sure you stay on the trail by following the signs, trail markers and cairns. Wandering off track will lead to disturbance of the natural environment and will also lead to trampling of the native plants and vegetation. This can also lead to soil erosion.

4. Don’t Leave Trash on the Camp Site

In order to have an eco-friendly camping trip, make sure that you don’t leave trash on the campsite and collect all the stuff in a dump bag while heading out. Leaving plastic and other garbage on the ground can lead to harm to the environment.

5. Build a Safe Campfire

Make sure you follow all regulations while building a campfire and keep the fire in the pit. Also, don’t burn food or build a too huge fire.

6. Use Eco-Friendly Toiletries

Make sure you only use those toiletries which are not causing any kind of harm to the environment. Don’t bring any stuff that is full of chemicals that can cause damage to the environment.

Thus the above given tips will help you to have a memorable, enjoyable and an eco friendly camping trip.


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