Best Ways to Prevent Prickly Heat While Camping

Camping is definitely one of the best ways to spend your weekends or off days with your family and friends. But there are many things which can ruin your camping trip and one of them is suffering from prickly heat.  Prickly heat, which is also known as a heat rash or a sweat rash is caused due to exposure to harsh heat and is something which can attack you while camping.

This is more common in the case of those individuals who may have sensitive skins and can result in itching, red rashes or bumps and constant irritation. The following are some of the best ways to prevent prickly heat during a camping trip.

ways to prevent prickly heat while camping

Keep Cool

The best way to avoid suffering from prickly heat is to remain as cool as possible.  Preventing includes avoiding sweating and this is easier said than done.  For this, it is important to keep yourself very hydrated.  Drink water every hour and make sure you do not drink any hot drinks or spicy foods that may make you sweat.  Also, remember not to over dress and wear minimal clothes possible.  Wear breathable clothes and light materials like cotton and opt for light shades and colors.

Keep the Area as Ventilated as Possible

Another way to avoid suffering from prickly heat while camping is to keep the area where you are camping as ventilated as possible.  Avoid setting up your camp in a closed kind of an area and remain out there in the open where enough air circulates.  This will avoid the buildup of heat and will thus prevent sweat.

Do not Scratch

Prickly heat gets intensified and triggered as soon as you start scratching and thus the idea is to avoid scratching or itching. Scratching will make the red bumps appear on the skin which trigger formation of such rashes all over the body.

Do not Apply Perfume or Deodorant

You must avoid applying perfuming or deodorant on your skin before heading out to a camp as this can make the skin sweat even more. It is rather a good idea to use some perfume free powder on your underarms or neck as this can help you keep dry and avoid sweating for a long time.

Take a Bath

Take a bath twice if possible during a camping trip to avoid suffering from prickly heat.


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