UK Offers Several Types of Camping

Camping has been a favourite activity of Britons for many years. There are several different styles of camping in the UK which means there are numerous ideal locations to pitch your tent or park your caravan in.

Camping in Britain is often seen as a little different than North American camping because many people prefer to spend their time at caravan sites instead of the backwoods. However, tent camping is definitely becoming a more popular pastime in the UK these days.

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Camping is seen as a flexible and fast way of taking a vacation since you can basically just pack up a drive to your favourite destination or hitch up the caravan to the car and take off, stopping wherever your heart desires. It’s also relatively inexpensive when compared to the costs of flights and hotels to further holiday destinations.

If you’re a serious camper or are interested in learning more about this fabulous outdoor activity and places to visit, you may be interested in joining the Camping and Caravanning Club as it provides members with information on close to 2,000 different campgrounds in Britain. However, even if you don’t belong to a camping club you shouldn’t have any problem locating some ideal sites.

There are plenty of campgrounds in open fields which provide the necessary amenities such as a shop, restrooms, and showers. Many of these sites charge a fee per tent and you’re free to choose a spot to camp in; some of them also allow dogs.

Pub camping is also becoming pretty popular in the UK , especially in vibrant tourist locations such as the Peak District. Some of the nation’s country pubs that have plenty of land will rent out space to caravans and tent campers on a nightly basis. You’ll be able to eat and drink in the pub if you choose, which means you don’t have to worry about taking food and cooking utensils with you on your trip.

The UK Youth Hostel Association (YHA) also allows visitors to camp out at some of its hostels. As long as you have a tent or sleeping bag many of them will allow you to stay outside of the hostels. This can be a pretty inexpensive way of touring Britain and viewing some of its picturesque destinations. Some of the hostels, such as Idwal Cottage and Kings in Wales allow campers to use all of the indoor amenities of the hostels including the kitchen, lounge, and dining room etc.

With the UK being a fraction of the size of North America, you’ll be surprised that there are still some places off of the beaten track where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery ad well as peace and quiet. Some of the most gorgeous and most remote locations are the small UK islands, such as the Isle of Skye, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, and Gigha. These are about as close to nature as you can get.

Many of these areas allow wild camping which means you can basically pitch your tent anywhere you likes as long as it’s not next to a road and isn’t next door to an established campground. This type of camping is allowed in Scotland and only in some areas of Wales and England, such as Snowdonia and the Lake District. However, if the property is privately owned, you’ll need to ask the owner for permission to camp on it.

When it comes to caravan camping in the UK, you’ll find hundreds of sites in all British countries, with some of them offering excellent coastal views.


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