Different Types of Hiking Boots & Shoes: Basics to Know

It is important that one has a pair of good hiking boots or shoes before they head out for a hiking adventure. There are many different types of hiking boots and shoes and you can select anyone that suits your purpose the best. While contemplating a buy focus on features like the upper sole, the inner soles, the tongue, scree collar, cut lacing, material etc. Based on the presence of such features the different types of shoes & boots are given below:

 different types of hiking bootsTrail Shoes

These are specifically made as a mix of moderate cushioning, stability and light weightiness. They are the perfect shoe that one can opt for when going for a short hike on mild terrains.

Light Hiking Boots

These shoes are usually made of nylon, suede or some combination with leather. These shoes are comfortable and flexible and are ideal for up to medium hikes on any moderate terrain but not for rugged terrains.

Mid- weight hiking boots/ backpacking boots

These ones are most likely to be used by backpackers (hence the name) and most of the hikers. That’s because though they are not suitable for extreme terrains they work on almost all on and off trail hiking. Just because these shoes are suitable for rougher terrains does not mean they cannot be used for short hikes on well trailed routes.

Heavy Boots

These heavier boots are called for if one plans to go off trail on boulder routes than moderate ones. These boots in a way are meant to fill the void left between mid weight boots and the mountaineering boots. They offer tremendous support against twists or any other foot injuries and are also water resistant.

Mountaineering Boots

These offer max amount of support, have extra insulation, extremely durable, are thick with stiff soles and are waterproof. But they are serious business and are meant for climbing mountains, so don’t ever think about getting them for just hiking.


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