Top 7 Haunted Camping Sites in UK to Scare your Souls

England is famous for a multitude of haunted places, camping sites and abodes. These locations always subject extreme mystery and unlimited curiosity among interested people. The places listed below are some of the most haunted camping sites in UK which are associated with mysterious ghostly phenomena.

1. Borley Rectory, Essex

This was a castle in the lovely village Borley which was demolished in 1939 and since then it achieved a status of heavily haunted, especially after the locals started reporting various unexplained paranormal events. The paranormal incidents reported here were inclusive of two headless horsemen, throwing of bottles, the ghost of a nun and many more.

2. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

ancient ram inn, gloucestershireMany people who have visited the Ancient Ram Inn have reported this place as one of the scariest spot they have been in. This house is believed to have witness many abnormal happenings such as black magic, child sacrifice, and a hideout for anti-socials as well.

3. Pendle Hill, Lancashire

pendle hill, lancashire

The Pendle Hill is popular for its association with George Fox that gave rise to the Quacker movement. A burial site of Bronze Age is situated at foot hill which was home to the witches of the Pendle and this place attracts a lot of people who wish to experience spirits and ghosts.

4. Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon

berry pomeroy castle, devon

Despite being a spectacular mansion amidst scenic landscape of Britain, the Berry Pomeroy Castle is considered as popular haunted places here. 2 female ghosts named the blue lady and the white lady possess the place and haunts the tower and the dungeons respectively.

5. Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire

woodchester mansion, gloucestershire

Woodchester Mansion is an incomplete Gothic mansion located in Gloucestershire and it is considered haunted place by locals after reported incidents of the Phantom of a horseman, the cellar ghost and tall man of the chapel.

6. Village of Pluckley, Kent

village of pluckley, kent

Guinness book of records has picked up The Pluckley Village as the most haunted one which is located in Britain. It is a much visited place by people who are in search of ghosts as around sixteen ghosts have witnessed in the village following some paranormal sightings.

7. Athelhampton House, Dorset

athelhampton house, dorset

This mansion in Dorset is believed to be much haunted by two duellists in the chamber where they intruded a lady visitor by fighting. The grey lady’s ghost has been seen wandering in the area surrounding the house by visitors as well as the sound of padding of the feet of phantom cats were also heard numerous times.


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