Top 10 Family Campsites in Devon

The county of Devon is very famous among campers and has numerous campsites. Choosing one among them for camping with your family might be quite a challenge. So here is a quick guide to the best family campsites in and around the countryside of Devon.

Devon Yurt, Lifton

1. Devon Yurt, Lifton

This ranch holiday is perfect for those who like a readymade family-friendly campsite. A typical day at Yurt begins with freshly baked cakes, eggs and a milk pitcher greeting you for breakfast. The rest of the day can be spent with the farmers who can take you on a tour to their herb garden or a short tractor ride.

2. Caffyns Farm, Lynton

The farm sets a perfect backdrop for an agenda free picnic with your family. This site is perfect for those with little kids who look forward to campfires. Riding, beach walks, pony trekking are some of the activities available here to keep your little ones busy and have a memorable camping trip. The best thing is it is open year round.

3. Runnage Farm, Postbridge

Situated bang in the middle of the Dartmoor meadows, this is a rule-free campsite that your kids will just love. They can spend time running around, gaping at the grazing horses and splashing in the stream nearby. In the evening, they can enjoy the melting marshmallows toasted over the campfire.

4. Coombe View Farm, Branscombe

Sloping fields with scenic views of the grass and sea below is the specialty of this farm. You can hitch a donkey ride to the beach or the country side and visit the donkey sanctuary situated close to the farm. You could also visit the Pecorama that houses toy trains and the Beer Quarry caves while camping on this farm.

5. Highfield Farm, Topsham

This is a cool camping site that your kids will remember forever. The farm provides a half-mile trail along the river that can serve as a warm-up. The organic farm has a kitchen garden adjoining it that keeps you full on supply of healthy snacks. It is also a perfect site for bird watching.

6. Cloud Farm, Oare

Located on a plush green river bed, this is a kid’s haven where they can indulge in a range of activities from fishing, paddling and swimming.

7. Roadford Lake, Okehampton

Water sport lovers must head to this campsite for all the fun. Replete with kayaks, dinghies, canoes and water skiing, water lovers can enjoy every inch of this 700 acre lake resort. Equipment for camping and sports are available on hire and so are tutors for the sport. A perfect family entertainer this is.

8. The Wood Life, Kenn

If safari style camping is your preference, then wood life is the best spot to pick. These modern tents have all the amenities and comfort including armchairs, open fire, a sofa etc. To make it special for kids, even tree houses and swings are built around the estate. Spotting small wildlife, birds and wild flowers is the favorite pass time for the visitors here.

9. Trill Farm, Axminster

East of Devon bordering Dorset is this quaint little farm ideal for a weekend of family fun. The hitch is that the farm accepts large group bookings only. It offers a complete farm camp experience where you can collect your food items and make them yourself at the central firepit. Nature trails, yoga and ecological conservation classes are also arranged for the families.

10. Mont Folly Farm, Bigbury

This is for those who want a rustic camping experience in a real working farm. Mont Folly is a no-frills campsite for those who want to avoid the urban touch to life at least for a few days. Close to the Bigbury beach, it gives you the opportunity for beach walks and a cup of cream tea at the art deco hotel.


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