Bear Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While Camping

Camping can be a lot of fun as it is a chance for you to break the daily mundane routine and head outdoors near nature. But there are many things to keep in mind to keep yourself safe and sound during a camping trip. There are many camping locations in the world where there may be a danger of wild animals lurking in the woods and one such animal is a bear.

Bear is a very fierce and powerful animal which can attack you while you are camping as it is attracted to the smell of food that you eat or cook and other things like bug repellants, garbage, cooking oil and even cosmetics. You must always keep various bear safety tips in mind while you go out camping and some of them have been given below.

bear safety tips to keep in mind while camping

Know What Items is a Bear most Attracted to

The first way to remain safe from a bear during a camping trip is to know the things that a bear is most attracted to. These include human food, pet food, garbage, cooking oil, cooking utensils, canned beverages, lotions, toothpastes, insect repellants and cosmetics.  These items must never be left out in the open and should always be sealed and put in a bear resistant storage box.

Follow Local Regulations

Make sure you follow all local and camp regulations which include never sleeping in the clothes that you cooked food in, keeping a bear spray and flashlight in your tent with you at night, keeping your pets in a leash, not sleeping out in the open, avoiding aromatic foods in a camp, camping away from fresh bear signs or areas which bears most visit, packing all the garbage properly and not littering.

Know What to do if you Encounter a Bear

If you encounter a bear, then you must definitely not run. If you run, you will trigger the predatory instincts of the bear and he will definitely catch a hold of you and attack you. It is better to stay as calm as possible and try to quietly leave the area if the bear is not aware of you. If the bear has seen you, then you may want the bear to know that you are a human. For this, extend your arms and wave them up and down.  Talk to the bear in a non threatening and calm voice and it may retreat and will leave you alone.


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