Top 5 Tips to Remain Dry on a Camping Trip

Ofcourse, everyone likes to camp and camp in a nice breezy whether.  But how many times do you really get to enjoy the exact weather that you would have hoped for on your camping trip? Not too many! There is always the danger and risk of unexpected rains looming over your camping trip. Thus it is important to be prepared and ready to remain dry even when it rains from above. There are many ways to remain absolutely dry on your next camping outing and the following are the top 5 of them.

tips to remain dry on a camping trip

1. Pick the Right Tent

The first tip to remain dry during a rainy camping trip is to pick the right tent. The tent must have a full rain fly which allows you avoid the water from entering inside.  Such tents may be a little expensive but prove to be superb when it starts to rain unexpectedly. The coating of the tent must be waterproof and it should have good seals so as to avoid any water whatsoever. This is definitely the best way to remain dry when it rains.

2. Placement of the Tent

Another factor which can help you remain dry during a camping trip is the placement of the tent. It doesn’t matter that you buy an expensive tent or a cheaper one; the wrong placement can ruin it all. If you place your tent on the bottom of the slope, then the tent will eventually leak. So, look for the highest part of the ground of the campsite.

3. Bring the Right Gear

Another superb way to ensure that you remain dry on your camping trip is to carry the right gear with you.  You must carry water absorbing clothes with you as well as raincoats which can avoid you from getting wet. Also, carry extra clothes in water proof bags and flip flops which do not soak water in.

4. Take Many Plastic Bags

It is important to carry many disposal or other plastic bags so that you can store stuff like electronics, mobile phone, important papers, license and your wallet etc. inside them. These plastic bags also prove useful for placing on the bottom of the tent etc.

5. Shelter

Besides a water proof tent, it is also important to carry the right shelter. A shelter gives you a place to cook, eat, play and enjoy other activities without getting wet.


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