5 Tips to Maintain Camp Hygiene

Maintaining your personal hygiene can be a challenging situation when you spend long hours camping outdoors. On being deprived of the modern conveniences our urban lifestyle provides us with, it becomes increasingly difficult to pertain to a good personal hygiene and hence combat with the opportunist pathogens waiting to intrude our system.

maintain camp hygieneWays to have Hygienic Camping

The article comprises of some practices mentioned below, which can prevent infections, while you are camping outside:

Swab your Body

Always keep a bag of cotton and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide with you, while camping. Dilute some hydrogen peroxide and wet a little bit of cotton with it. Then, swab on areas prone to bacterial growth such as your face, feet, armpits and groin. Even in the absence of water, this is an effective method of cleaning yourself.

Hand Sanitizer

Squirt a generous amount of hand-sanitizer on your palm and rub vigorously until it’s soaked completely, before you take your regular meals. This prevents standard amount of pathogens present in your hand from being ingested.

Bath Regularly

Never say NO to bathing. If you have access to bathing facilities, take a bar of soap and bath profusely to get rid of all the potentially harmful bacteria you have been carrying with you throughout the day.

Remove Shoes

At the end of the day, remove shoes and socks, clean your toes with soap and water, or swab with hydrogen peroxide. Also, change your socks everyday. This will keep fungal diseases, such as Athletes foot, from flaring.

Urination and Defecation

Always urinate or defecate at least three hundred feet away from the designated campsite or from water bodies, to prevent contamination. Moreover, keep a small shovel, in order to dig a new latrine every time you go for nature calls. When you are finished, cover the hole with dirt. Moreover, always keep toilet papers and throw them in the pit after use.

So, go out and enjoy with your campmates while keeping cleanliness and hygiene on mind.

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