Tips to Hike with your Little-Ones

Hiking can be the best way to infuse family time and healthy exploration of the worldly features. Kids are hardwired for exploring, learning new things, gathering knowledge and experience that will last throughout their lifetime. You may be gifted with some unforgettable moments at the end of each hiking campaign, which will urge you and make your kids beg you to go on another one.

hike with your little onesTips on Hiking with Kids

This article guides you on how to increase your chances of a successful trip that will be satisfying for you as well as your kids:


Being an avid hiker, you must have some strategy regarding the limits of your trail. However, do not be disappointed if you fail to reach the end of the trail. It should be at par with the comfort level of your children and their enjoyment and learning experience should be your primary concern. So, modify your hike accordingly.

Be a Good Guide

Wait along your trail to look for wildlife and herbs or trees and tell your kids about some of their recognizable features. Encourage them to be good observers. Do not feel annoyed by their rigorous questions, since, your answer is the key to their knowledge and experience, which makes the trip successful.

Choose Shorter Trails

Choose short and comfortable trails with not too many adversities. Also, slow down your pace in accordance with them, since, their small feet can accommodate only half as much as your pace.

Frequent Energy Stops

A trip interspersed by short ‘energy stops’ for fluid and food keeps your kids refreshed and motivated to continue the trail. While resting, you can discuss with them regarding their experience and any new findings on the track.

Include some Fun

Craft games that you and your kids can play along while following the trail. Ask them to seek for flower species or search for any trails of wildlife such as feathers, furs, nests etc. within a time limit. It encroaches on their ability to discover things.


Remember to keep children-friendly first aid such as insect repellent, children’s sunscreen, band-aid, antibacterial wipes and lotions. Also, keep extra clothing and wet clothes for use as and when needed.

Follow the trail of adventures holding your kids’ hands and have a pleasant trip ahead!

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