Tips to Clean Fish While Camping

Camping is often synonymous with fishing. Most frequent campers prefer to go on a camping trip where they can go fishing either for leisure or to arrange for their meals.  The first bite of a fresh fish is simply unforgettable, especially if it is you who has caught it.  But besides knowing how to catch fish, you must also know how to prepare it for dinner.

Cleaning the fish is a big step that falls within the preparation process and must be done right to enjoy the fish out there in the open. The following are some of the tips and ways with which you can clean fish while camping:

tips to clean fish while camping

Get the Right Equipments

Cleaning a fish involves the use of several equipments such as a fillet knife, a scaling tool, a bucket, a water source and a zip lock plastic bag. Make sure you have access to all of these things if you are interested in cooking fresh fish at your camping trip.

Scaling the Fish

Scaling the fish is a part of the process of cleaning it and to do it, hold the head of the fish with one hand and apply short, raking motions from the tail to the head of the fish.  Repeat this action until both sides of the fish have been covered.  Rinse the fish when you are done scaling it completely.

Skin the Fish

This is the next part of the process of cleaning the fish.  Most people prefer removing the skin of the fish since most fish have thick skin which is unpleasant to eat.  To skin it, you must first cut the sharp spines of the fish off.  This will make handling it much easier. Now, make a cut behind the head and along the belly fins or pectoral of the fish.  After that, you must hold the fish from the head with one of your hands and with the other, grasp its skin.  Now pull towards the tail and rinse the fish once it has been skinned.

Cleaning the Fish

In order to clean and gut the fish, you must insert the knife into its anus from the belly.  Now slide the knife in a slow motion towards its head and stop when you reach the base of the gills.  Now open the abdominal cavity, grab the entails and pull them to remove.  Remove also the darkened inner membrane, the kidney and the head if you want. Rinse thoroughly.


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