Top 7 Tips for Hiking on your Own

Hiking can be a great outdoor activity to do when you are in a group but in no way is it any less fun and adventurous when done alone. A lot of people around the world hike solo but the rules of hiking solo are very different from hiking in a group due to many reasons, of which safety is the most crucial one.

A lot of unpleasant things can happen to a solo hiker and hence certain things must be kept in mind. The following are the top 7 tips for hiking on your own or solo:

tips for hiking on your own1. Know the Area Well

It is very important to know the area really well when you are out hiking on a trail alone. You must know the routes, the kinds of animals etc. that could be in the area as well as the shortcuts, in case the weather goes bad.

2. Tell Someone about your Whereabouts Before Leaving

If the area that you are going to wont have cell reception, then it is important to tell someone about your whereabouts before leaving and also the estimated time of your return so that search parties can be sent in case you don’t come back on that time.

3. Check the Weather Reports

Before heading out for a hike alone, make sure you check the weather reports beforehand and carry everything that you might need to cope with the weather conditions.

4. Stick to a Path

When hiking alone, it is important not to take unnecessary risks and stick to a certain path. The most disastrous hiking stories often come up when someone takes a diversion from a certain path, so don’t make that mistake.

5. Bring in the Supplies

Make sure you carry enough supplies for your hiking trip. These include water, torch light, food, a map, a first aid kit and proper clothing. Stay hydrated and don’t let your blood sugar levels go down.

6. Don’t Hike after Day Light

A lot of adventurous souls out there make the big mistake of hiking after the sun has gone down but this is a big mistake which should be avoided at all costs.

7. Know your Limitations

It is important to be aware of your physical and other limitations and plan your hike accordingly. Doing something which goes beyond your limits is a mistake, especially while hiking alone.


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