Simple Tips To Make Your Camping Holidays In UK Fun And Safe

Holidays are a time to relax and break free from your monotonous schedule. Camping holidays are even better as they take you away from the humdrum of the cities straight into the lap of nature. However, while on your camping holiday, certain things need to be kept in mind to enjoy every moment of your time. You need to be extra careful when your camping companions include children.

camping holidays in the UK


Here are some tips on camping holidays in the UK that will be useful:

  • Choose the pitch for your camp logically. Even though the river banks look tempting, camp at least three hundred meters away from the bank. As beautiful as it may be, one shower, and your whole camping experience may go for a toss as you step into marshes.
  • Always have flip flops or croc footwear right outside the tent at night. You don’t want to step onto some insect while searching for your shoes when you have to take a midnight trip for nature’s call.
  • Check you baggage for the following before embarking on your camping holiday:

ü  Waterproof matches

ü  Torches

ü  Batteries

ü  Swiss knife

ü  Ropes

ü  Sufficient cans of clean water

ü  Hand sanitizers

ü  Ziploc bags

ü  First aid kit

ü  Carbolic acid

  • Pitch your tents before nightfall. It is always advisable to reach the campsite before sundown so that you can have a quick check on the surrounding to ensure safety and get the little one become familiar with the new surroundings.
  • Spread a tarpaulin sheet before pitching the tent. This is help to keep the tent clean while packing up and also provide a little cushion from sharp objects (if any) on the ground.
  • Warm sleeping bags for every camping member are a must. It may get really cold at night in the UK. You would not want yourself or the kids having an uncomfortable night inside the tent because of the cold.

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