Top 6 Tips for Camping in Wet Weather

Camping can be a lot of fun and exciting during the nice summer or winter days but can turn into havoc if the weather turns wet. A few hours in the rain during your camping trip can cause ruined electronics, soaked clothes, hyperthermia and well, a lot of mess.

But if you are equipped with the right equipments and have a trick or two up your sleeve, then camping in the wet weather can be made bearable and rather a good experience. The following are the top 6 tips for camping in the wet weather:

tips for camping in wet weather1. Bring a Lot of Plastic Bags

One of the most important things for camping in wet weather or rain is to take a lot of plastic bags with you. Plastic is great to keep water not just off you but also off the important things like electronics, food and your belongings.  The plastic bags can also double up as bedsheets to avoid getting the tent flooded from the bottom.

2. Carry Rain Coats

In order to stay dry throughout the camping trip while it rains, it is important to carry rain coats for each camper. The rain coats must also cover your head to avoid suffering from hyperthermia due to a soaked head. Also, carry waterproof shoes to avoid letting the water reach your feet.

3. Setting up the Tent in the Rain

It is important to set up the tent in such a way that it remains dry and does not let water seep in. for this; you must set it up at a higher place so that the water doesn’t flow towards it. Make the base using a nylon cloth or plastic sheets and make sure the tent is well sealed from all ends.

4. Take a Dining Fly

A dining fly will give you the freedom to move around the campsite and spend time together. Also, it allows you to cook, relax, play games, read and stay dry.

5. Do not Run Around

Rains can be very unpredictable and wandering off or running around can mean trouble and a lot of muddy mess. So avoid feeling too adventurous and stay as near your camping site as possible.

6. Keep Quick Dry Towels

Quick dry towels can not only help to wipe off the water from you but can also double up to mop the water, if in case it enters the tent.


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