Essential Tips For Camping During Rains

As the new leaves of spring become darker to signal the onset of summers, it is time to bring out the grilling tongs and make camp in the lap of nature. Though the summers are pleasant, it does bring with itself the sudden showers and that can ruin your camping plans. So this summer be prepared to combat the rains and do not let the showers ruin your camping trip.

rain gear

Important things to carry to combat rains while camping

While some may consider hiring a log cabin the safest option for camping, there are those of you who find camping and tents synonymous. While you are sleeping under the jewel studded sky and hearing the bear growl in a distant, make sure you have taken care of the following incase a sudden shower decides to dampen your day.

Plastic Bags

Not only for dumping trash, but plastic bags come in handy as a water resistant layer. You can cover your food, keep your firewood intact and cover your head in case of rains.


It is a good fire starter and also proves beneficial to clog a leak till you make arrangements for a better fix.


Carry heavy and reliable tarps to not only protect you from heavy torrents but also gusty winds.

Rain gear

A windcheater, rain jackets, water resistant pants and umbrellas are good at keeping the probable rain disasters in check.

Use stoves

Other than a bonfire and barbecue, it is better to carry stoves to do the rest of the cooking. These cannot be ruined by the rains.

You must check the weather before anything else and cancel if there are bad weather warnings. But if you have already set out and the rains come pouring down, then do not panic; enjoy the day. After all it is not every day that you can have such adventures.

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