Tips for Buying Camping Flashlight

Striving through the ruggedness of nature and living out in the open is the most fun part of camping. It is important to choose the right flashlight to cut through the dark nights in the woods. There are a few things that every camper must take note of before leave for camping. A flashlight is one tool or item that you must definitely carry with you when heading for a camp. Below given are some tips for buying a good camping flashlight:

tips for buying camping flashlight

The Light Output

One of the most important features of a good flashlight is the light output supported by the device. Light output, measured in lumens, is essentially the measure of intensity of the light that comes out of the flashlight. So the first tip when shopping for flashlight is to look at only those flashlights which have appropriate amounts of lumens. Most camping experts recommend flashlights with lumens of 1500 and more for camping. Choose 3500 lumens if you who wish to go terrain scorching.

Battery Type and Life

There are majorly three different types of batteries available in the market i.e. – the disposable battery, the rechargeable and the renewable kind. For example if you are visiting a campsite where you will have access to chargers/ electricity for sufficient amount of time, you can opt for rechargeable batteries against the disposable ones. So considering the kind of battery is extremely important. Also consider the run time i.e. the hours for which the flashlight works after being charged once or on a single battery. It is mostly smart to opt for a flashlight with longer battery life, other things constant.

The Beam Distance

The next most important characteristic of a flashlight is the beam distance in meters. That is, the extent of how far the light from the respective flash light travels, given other settings. For most flashlights the distance will vary with the various levels of brightness, so define the location and extensive nature of you camping trip to select the perfect flashlight for your needs.

Size, Shape and Weight:

The shape, size and weight are the three features of the flashlight that are also important from decision making point of view. For example it may not always be practical or smart to carry a huge/ chunky flashlight on the camping trip. So depending upon your personal preference select a flashlight of right size, shape and weight; that is, look for the one you are most comfortable with.


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