Tips for camping with an eye to weather

It’s hard to predict Mother Nature’s mood. You might have planned a camping trip but the weather forecast shows chances of heavy rainfall. Would you cancel or take your chances? Well, I’d say with the right tips and tricks a little rain or heavy wind isn’t an inconvenience. There are certain things you do to make camping more fun while keeping an eye on the weather.

Tips for camping with an eye to weather

  • Heavy wind or rain:

So, the weather forecast says that there are chances of heavy wind or downpour. What do you do? You most certainly don’t cancel. While buying tents make sure you buy a three-plus season tent or better because a little bargain in this department can save many of your trips. Take rain ponchos or plastic bags, in case you need them. Be prepared for a day indoors due to rain, read a book or play cards, maybe.

  • Pitching Condition:

One of the most important things is to pitch the camp properly if you’re trying to get done with the pitching business while it’s raining outside, there’s a fair chance of making a mistake. If not pitched properly a tent has no aerodynamic qualities. High grounds are preferable.

  • Signs of Weather:

Know a little about clouds, so that even if the forecast says that there will be a little rain and it rains heavily you can prepare for it or maybe cancel the trip. As fun as camping is, life’s much more important. You wouldn’t want your getaway to be a life-threatening experience. And being stuck in rains for days is no option. Observe the activities of wildlife. They foresee storms way before humans.

  • Damage control:

In case you are stuck on a camping trip during a thunderstorm or heavy rains, seek shelter ASAP. In any permanent structure or maybe a car. Never risk your chances by standing under a tree or being in the tent during a thunderstorm. If you can’t find a shelter at all, assume the crash position on low land. Never use an umbrella or a phone. Don’t leave shelter too early, wait a little while longer.

  • Wait, Wait, Wait!

There’s absolutely no point at all being worked up or worried in such situation. All you can do is wait for it to be over. Take the measures but in case you are stuck, wait it out. There’s no point putting yourself at a risk for your lack of patience.

These are a few tricks, in case you need to be ready for any weather. No amount of planning or foresight can help you survive. There are two ways to go with it. If you think you’ll not be able to deal with the weather, cancel and postpone. If you want to take the leap, here are your tips.


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