Things you should know about Camping Insurance

Camping as a lifestyle for people bitten by the travel bug is increasing every single day. Yet, most of the campers are completely or partially ignorant of the need to have camping insurance. Generally, it is believed that camping is a cheaper option compared to holiday packages. But if you consider the worth of your holiday equipments, you would see why you need to insure them before you go for a camping trip.

things you should know about camping insurance

Why you Need Camping Insurance?

In General, it is believed that camping sites are safe places and majority of the campers, if not everyone are amicable people who abide by the rules. However there can be natural calamities or an incident of theft which rob you of your travel gears. This is why you need a camping insurance.

Who Provide you Camping Insurance?

There are several companies who have specific camping insurances that you may need. But every company has their own policies regarding the replacement of the gears and therefore you need to be careful while taking the insurance. Otherwise you can also check out travel insurance. Though these insurances will not replace all your gears, but they might be useful to compensate for your loss.

Before you go for Insurance you Must Check Out Certain Points. Here are they –

  • If you own a trailer tent, then you will need a different insurance and a camping insurance might not work.
  • Many insurance policies tend to ignore damages done by natural disasters. Therefore, if there is a flood or a forest fire, you might not get anything out of your insurer, even though the damage amounts to a complete destruction of your camping equipments. Thus check out before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Check out if a fire started by cooking instrument is enlisted in your insurance policy. This is one of the main reasons for camp site fires causing much damage. Yet a few insurances do not cover it.
  • Check out the excesses. If you take a cheaper policy it will have higher excesses making it difficult to pay.
  • Damages by rot, vermin and other pests might be excluded from the policy.
  • Travel insurance policies are not good for a weekend trip close by because they only offer coverage if you are at least 25 miles far from home.

Always remember, even if you are insured, you need to maintain all the security rules. However, do not get paranoid, and enjoy your trip since accidents can happen anywhere.


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