Things to Know about Salmon Fishing Season 2014

The Scottish Salmon fishing season is back. The first months of the year, January and February are the perfect months to kick-start the fishing year.

Things to Know about Salmon Fishing Season 2014

Types of Fishing

UK/Ireland offers three types of fishing, more precisely game fishing, coarse fishing and sea fishing. Game fishing implies angling for fishes like trout and salmon for personal consumption. Coarse fishing refers to fresh water angling for other fishes excluding salmon and trout. Fishes like chub, pike, perch and roach are released back into the rivers. Sea fishing entails angling for bass, cod and mackerel from an offshore boat on the sea.

Legal Issues

The laws regarding fishing in the UK and Ireland are specific and all anglers must follow them. The laws work towards conservation of the fish species and curtailing exploitation of the natural resources.

Fishing Rod License

All anglers above the age of 12 need licenses issued by the Environment Agency. This includes fishing for eels, freshwater fish, trout and salmon in England, Wales and Border Esk and its tributaries.


Anglers require permission from the owners of the fishing rights for the chosen location. Season, week and daily tickets are available.


Rod license is not essential but permits from the in-charge authorities are required for individual water bodies. Take care regarding the restrictions on methods and bait.

Strictly not Allowed

Fishing for salmon or sea trout is prohibited on Sundays. Rod-caught trout and salmon are only for personal consumption. Selling, bartering or exchanging them is a criminal offence in Scotland, England and Wales. Many water bodies allow only a catch and release rule.

Perfect Angling Spots

Scotland has the best Salmon angling opportunities in the land as more than 60% of UK’s total catch comes from there. Rivers Spey, Tay, Dee and Tweed along with River Beauty, South and North Esk, Loch and River Ness are great places for good angling experiences.

However, although in a lesser amount, Ireland, England and Wales too offer some great angling.

Popular Campsites

Scotland boasts of many campsites that offer fishing opportunities for the complete outdoors experience.

Loch Tay Highland Lodges offers woodland cabins and pods near Loch Tay for trout and salmon fishing. Located in Perthshire.

SpringWood Fisheries offers pet conducive camping pods  for coarse fishing experiences near the perimeter of the National Park.

Clifden Eco Beach Camping and Caravanning Park  is located at Co Galway and the park promises an almost wild camping experience with private beach for sea fishing and private fishing spots.

Festivals, events & competitions

Scotland salmon fishing season is host to many fishing festivals, competitions and other related events spread over the year.


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