The Best Campsites in Kent Are Found in New Romney

When you are looking at different campsites in Kent, you are going to want to stick with the campsites that are in New Romney. New Romney is actually in Kent, so you are really looking at campsites in the same region when you look at campsites in these two areas. One of the best attributes of the campsites in this area is that they happen to be so close to the shore line.

Golfing is another big perk of the campsites in Kent, and you should definitely check out the courses if you are a fan of the game. It’s always nice to be camping in a place where you can go golfing in the morning and then go scuba diving in the evening with your friends. There are not many places in the United Kingdom, let alone the world, where those two activities can be accomplished in the same day.

Check out the top campsites in Kent

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Marlie Farm Holiday Park is one of the best places to start your search when looking at the various campsites in Kent because this is one of the parks that is located on the coast. This is a rather modern campsite, so you can expect to find many of the modern amenities that are not found in some of the older campgrounds in the area. Not only do you get toilets and restrooms at the campsite, but you also get hot showers when you wake up in the morning.

Another beach campsite that you should look at in the area is called New Beach Holiday Park. This park comes complete with an indoor pool, so you can go swimming in some clean water if you prefer that kind of water over the ocean or the lake. There are also a few stores rather close to your camp site, so you aren’t really that far removed from the modern world if you want to play it safe.

A final campsite you should take a look at is the Sheerness Caravan and Campsite. This campsite is actually a few minutes away from New Romney, but the good news is that it is located on the Isle of Sheppey. This is another modern campsite, and you can get everything from laundry services to free Internet when you decide to stay at this particular location.

Pick something for the kids

If you are someone who has a family to worry about then you are going to want to look at the campsites in Kent that offer certain activities for kids. Children are filled with a large amount of energy, so you need to make sure that you are able to give your kids plenty of things to do during the day. The best way to make sure that your children are going to have a wonderful time on your camping trip is to make sure that you go somewhere that has the kinds of activities that they are going to enjoy with you.


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