Tent Camping vs. RV Camping

If you are a camping enthusiast then you must have heard about both RV camping and tent camping. Tent camping is the kind of camping where you stay inside a tent while you are out on the camping site but RV camping is one where you stay, eat and camp inside an RV van when you are on a camping trip.

Both these forms of camping are very popular and have their own set of pros and cons. The following is a list of the various points of comparison between tent camping and RV camping:

tent camping vs. rv camping

  • One of the main points of differences between tent and RV camping is that a tent is much cheaper than an RV van and may be a better option for those who go out on camping only once in a while. An RV is more suitable for those who go on camps very frequently or literally live in RV vans most part of the year.
  • The maintenance and operating of an RV is much more expensive than that of a tent. You need not just to fill it up with oil or gas but also need to get it serviced and keep it well maintained at all times. On the other hand, a tent needs almost no maintenance and proves to be a much cheaper affair.
  • An RV offers much more comfort and convenience as compared to a tent since it has a bed, a toilet, a kitchen and almost all amenities you would want. On the other hand, a tent is relatively uncomfortable and you may not be able to add it up with amenities like TV or refrigerator.
  • The real experience of camping can be enjoyed in a tent and not really in an RV van, as far as the experience of most is concerned. Though RV camping offers more comfort but you may not be able to enjoy the nature and wilderness in it like in the tent camping.
  • RV camping offers better protection against bad weather conditions like rain, storms and snow as compared to tent camping. In a tent, you may be able to protect yourself only to a certain limit and this may pose as a risk to health and security.
  • RV camping also offers more protection from wild animals whereas a tent may not be able to provide that kind of safety.



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