5 Tips to Survive Cold Weather Camping

Cold weather camping is a very popular kind of camping and is done by people all over the world. The thrill of camping in the snow or cold weather conditions is unbeatable and is an example of surviving in extreme weather conditions.

The views of snow capped mountain peaks and snow tipped leaves of trees can totally make it worth it. If you are someone who is planning to experience cold weather camping, then there are some tips which can help you go through the outing without any difficulties. The following are the top 5 tips to survive cold weather camping.

tips to survive cold weather camping

1. Dress Right

The first tip is to dress properly and for the conditions.  Make sure you wear layers of clothes but all of which do not make it difficult for you to move.  Start from thermal underwear and make sure you wear a lightweight and water proof jacket on the top.  Don’t forget your hands and feet as they are the points from where the cold enters your body. Also consider covering your face.

2. Light Fire

As soon as one thinks camping, a good outdoor fire comes to mind. This fire is even more important during cold weather camping trips.  Start the fire before doing any other set up as this can considerably reduce the cold and will make it easier for you to do other activities like setting up the tent etc.

3. Hydrate Yourself

A lot of people do not feel thirsty during cold weather conditions but staying hydrated is just as important in winters as it is in summers. Whether you drink water or hot drinks like hot tea or coffee, remember to keep the liquids levels in the body up.

4. Choose Camping Point Carefully

Setting up a tent can be difficult in snow and hence it is very important to choose the camping point carefully. Choose a place where the tent can remain stable and where the direction of snow is not directed towards you. It must also be near some kind of a tree to avoid being affected by direct winds.

5. Wear Clothes to Bed

You may like to strip down to minimal clothing when you go to bed but avoid doing so when camping in cold weather conditions. Consider wearing clothes to bed and do not take off the gloves or socks even while sleeping.


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