Bad Weather Survival Tips During While Tent Camping

Tent camping can be a lot of fun, especially if you out there with your friends and family. But it can also prove to be a big challenge if the camping site is hit by bad weather conditions. Rain, storms, winds and others types of conditions can ruin your trip and also put your life in danger.

If you get stuck in bad weather during a tent camping, then you must have certain tips and hacks up your sleeve to brave the conditions and survive while the weather lasts and below given is the list of the same:

bad weather survival tips during while tent camping

Make Sure Tent Weather Proof

Depending upon the weather condition outside, it is important to weather proof your tent. The good idea is to buy a good quality weather proof tent itself but if this is not possible, then there are many ways to do so and they are given as follows:

Try to set the tent at a location which can bear the effects of the weather effects. For example if it is snowing or raining, then try to find an area which has some kind of a cover over it.

Close all the ends of the tent including windows so that the rain water, snow, wind and dust etc do not come inside and you can spend a considerable amount of time inside it without getting hurt or affected by the weather conditions.

Gather Enough Food and Water

As soon as you start noticing changes in weather conditions, make sure you gather as much of food and water as possible. Once the bad weather conditions start, you may not be able to go out to fetch supplies and hence it is better to be repapered in advance.

Bring Everything Inside the Tent

To avoid losing items to wind, storm or rain, it is better to bring in all your items or camping gear inside the tent itself. This will give you access to important things and will also prevent them getting washed off.

Try to Communicate

It is important that you establish a certain way to communicate with someone back home or a rescue team. Do this when the weather is still fine and you have the opportunity to establish a connection. Communicate and at least tell the people your location so that you can be rescued by someone and you are not left alone.


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