How to Select Camping Stoves

Camping has thrills like trails, bonfires and barbecue. But you cannot roast all your food in your camping trip. There are times when you will crave warm food after a tiring hike.

For those times you need a good stove. It is quite a task to select a good stove and for that you need to evaluate a lot of criteria.

camping stoves

Factors Affecting your Choice

  • Where will you cook? This basically determines the altitude and the weather conditions in which you will be cooking.
  • How often will you cook? You must determine how many meals you will be cooking in your trip. If you need a stove only to warm your food then your choice will be different.
  • For how many people will you cook? This will determine the size.
  • How far is your camp site from your home? By determining the distance you will understand how much heavy equipment you can carry.

Tips on Camp Stove Selection

  • Liquid gas stoves are a universal choice for they run on fuel like kerosene, white gas, diesel, unleaded auto fuel, and jet fuel. This stove produces a flame which helps in most weathers. Since the fuel can be easily stored and carried from one place to another, it helps in backpacking trips. But read the instructions carefully.
  • Select the 2-burner stoves. This will give you more space to cook and you will be able to complete the cooking in less time. It also helps in case you have more people in you camp.
  • If you are camping in the cold and at a high altitude then expect the place to be windy. Invest in the stoves that have a wind screen. This will help the stove from dying out. If your stove flame continuously dies out then you will lose a lot of time and fuel will also be wasted.
  • Make sure that the stove has a good sturdy grid. This gives the stove some support. With a good supportive grid you will have less gaps and this will help the pot edges to balance and rest.
  • Make sure that the stove is not too heavy as that will make it difficult to carry the stove. If you are making a long trip quite away from your home then taking a portable and light stove is a good idea.

Now that your stove options are set, do not forget to build a bon fire!

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