5 Tips to Pick up the Right Hiking Backpack

Are you planning a hiking trip soon? If yes, then have you bought a hiking backpack for it? Well, hiking without the right backpack can cause several problems on your trip and thus it is important not just to buy a backpack but also to choose the perfect one. There are several types, sizes, materials of backpacks out there but if you wish to choose the perfect one for your hiking trip, then below given tips and suggestions will surely prove to be helpful:

tips to pick up the right hiking backpack

1. Capacity

The first thing to consider when buying a hiking backpack is its quantity. Backpacks are available in all kinds of capacities and sizes but it depends upon you which one you select.  The capacity must depend upon the gear and items that you need to carry and also the possible length of your hiking trip.  For example, for a single day trip, a 20-50 liters backpack is ideal whereas for a 2-3 nights trip, a backpack of capacity 50-60 liters proves great and so on.

2. Fit and Size

The next thing that you may need to consider is the fit and the size of the backpack.  You must always carry the backpack after filling it with papers at the shop to determine if it fits you right and goes to the right length back on your spine and hips. Walk for a few minutes with it to see if it is comfortable enough. Never buy a very long backpack and make sure its weight distribution suits your body type.

3. Number of Compartments

You must always make sure that the backpack you select has enough number of compartments for you. It must not only have proper divisions inside it but should also have net pockets outside to keep in water bottle and other essential items.

4. Material

Always make sure that the hiking backpack you buy must be of a lightweight yet sturdy material. If it is waterproof, then this can just be an added bonus. The material must be easy to clean, should remain intact even after years and should not be rough on your skin.

5. Durability and Warranty

It is better to opt for a hiking backpack which has enough durability and can be used for years to come. It must preferably come with a warranty as well so that damages can be covered.


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