How to Choose the Right Cage for Your Dog

Once you decide to get a dog cage or dog crate, you will be faced with hundreds of options and making a decision may seem quite overwhelming. The biggest mistake that pet owners could make is buying a cage that is too big. In fact, it should be big enough for the dog to stand up, lie down and turn around.

right cage for your dog

Dog Behavior

If you get a cage that is too big, you can be sure that the dog will use one half of it as a bathroom and the rest of it as a bedroom. This won’t do any favors to your housebreaking program. Basically there are four main kinds of cages for you to choose from and while they have similarities, there are also a lot of differences.

Wire Cages

This kind of cage is good for the dogs that get hot fast and there is a wide selection of cages. Usually you can fold the cage to save space and the floor can be removed for easy cleaning. The downside is that the cage can be quite noisy and some of the dogs can escape from the cage. Also it is possible for the dog to pee or poop outside the cage.

Plastic Cages

This kind of cage is good for the dog that like cozy spaces and the cage is also suitable for airline travel. Dogs find it difficult to escape from the cage and there are a lot of available colors. The disadvantage is that the dog could get hot or frustrated for not being able to see, and the cage isn’t too easy to clean.

Soft-Sided Cages

These cages are portable and lightweight, so it is just right for smaller breeds. It can be used while traveling and you can fold it for storage. We also have to add that the cages are difficult to clean in case of potty accidents and some of the dogs can destroy the cage while others can simply escape from it.

Cute Cages

Such cages come with an elegant finish and they can even be used to replace furniture, like an end table. However, such cages can’t be used for destructive dogs and some of the finishing’s can be destroyed by potty accidents. You can find all kinds of accessories for the dog (even for traveling) at specialty shops, like Travall Dog Cages.

Before making a buy, make sure that the cage is suitable for your pet.

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