Reviewing Beddgelert Campsite

The natural beauty of Wales in general and Snowdonia in particular makes this a perfect area for camping . This being said, there is no wonder that more and more of the British camping lovers are looking to find the best camping spot in the area.

Reviewing Beddgelert Campsite

Cae Du Beddgelert Campsite – Place, Scenery and Things to See

The campsite is placed between Porthmadog andCaernarfon in the Snowdonia National Park more precisely in the Beddgelert forest and has available an area of 80 acres of truly amazing and untamed forest.  You can walk to Snowdon and you can also see distinctive wildlife species like Snowdon Lily, the Gwyniad  and the Rainbow beetle, living protected by law, in Snowdonia National Park.

The campers can simply pitch their tend, leave their car and start exploring the beautiful park or take hiking trips on the amazing Welsh Highlands.

What to Expect – Accommodations and Rules

The Beddgelert campsite is currently available to accommodate 25 caravans and 85 tents on a surface of 80 acres. The facilities are upgraded every year and there is the possibility of electric hookup both for caravans and tents.

You can use the hot showers, washbasins, dishwashing and laundry  facilities and you can even dispose of your chemical toilet. You can also fish because the accommodation comes with fishing rights.

There are a few things to consider in case of choosing to go here. The campsite does not allow groups because they have a strict no music rule. This camp is meant for relaxation and getting back to nature and it is the ideal place for families that simply want to unwind far from the urban areas.

Where to Eat?

For the campers who would like to tame the experience by having a restaurant meal the options are quite diverse. In the Beddgelert village you can chose from a tea garden, café, pub, ice cream parlor and a restaurant on the side of the river.

How to Get There?

In case you don’t have a car you can easily get to Beddgelert campsite by taking the train or the bus. Tickets for the both means of transportation can be bought online.

Things to Do

If you are a hiking fan, most likely you will need a few weeks to cover the large ground and see the park in all its splendor. During summer months you can admire the wild rhododendrons in bloom, take the Welsh Mountain Railway train for a tour in the Highlands and visit LlynGwynant, the glacier lake of a rare beauty.


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