Reasons Why Devon Is The Best Camping Site In The UK

With many beautiful beaches and the best weather in UK, Devon is a great place to camp or to head out after hiring a camping van. So if you are wondering where you should camp the next time in UK, why not consider Devon? Here are some of the reasons why Devon is the best camping site in the UK:

best camping site in the UKThe Wonderful Sun

A camp site needs to receive ample light and sun and Devon has got plenty of it. It gets more than 300 hours of sunshine and is a great place to camp in the summers, autumn and Spring as well. With the sun shining bright, what other reason do you need head out for camping.

Great Access by Both Road and Rail

Whether you wish to reach there by road or wish to take a train, Devon is easily accessible through both these modes of transport. It is great from Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and some other places. The location is well placed and has many small roads leading to it.

A Heaven for Foodies

If you are wondering what you are going to cook or eat in Devon, then put your worries to an end as this place is heaven for foodies in camper vans. There are many farm shops and local food outlets at the place which are a great source for food. Moreover, since it is located so close to the sea, the seafood quality is also good in this part of UK.

Wonderful Beaches

With amazing white sand beaches in Devon, it is a great place to head out to on a camp. So if you are a beach or a swimming lover, then Devon might just be the right camping destination for you on the weekends.


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