Pitch Your Tent on a British Food Trail

If you would like to try the cuisine of a new location, one of the best things that you could do is to go on a British food trail. Although you might think that there is nothing special about this cuisine, you can be sure that it has some surprises to offer you.

Cake Walk Monsal TrailCake Walk Monsal Trail

Just as the name suggests, this is a cake trail so it is just perfect for the sweet-toothed people. Along this trail you will find tearooms and cafes. The most special thing about the trail is that you can find specific bread and cakes and naturally you can also find Bakewell tart.

Scottish Cheese Trail

Scottish Cheese Trail

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Scottish cheese is known for being special and unique among the other cheese types. In case you would like to know which cheese is the best in the country, this is the trail for you. In order to get maximum satisfaction from this trail, you might want to combine it with the Whisky Trail.

English Riviera Food and Drink Trail

If you like the specialties of Devon, this trail will be just perfect for you. If you happen to like the work of Agatha Christie, you may wish to have a night of delicacies, tea, and maybe a bit of mystery. On this trail you will find steak, chocolate, seafood, Thai food, and fish and chips.

Devon Cream Tea Trail

Devon Cream Tea Trail

British people are known for their preferences when it comes to tea. The Devon cream tea is known all over the world for being the best kind and in the same time it is also known for its special flavor. If you ever go to Devon, you should make sure to treat teas with respect.

Curry Trail

Although curry doesn’t have a long tradition in the country, this is a fiery trail that you might want to visit. If you like spicy food, this is the right trail for you. On the road you will find different kinds of curry peppers and a lot of different dishes prepared using curry.

Fish and Chip Trail, Yorkshire

Fish and Chip Trail, Yorkshire

In case you ever go to the seaside, it is a must for you to have fish and chips. Yorkshire is a great place to have delicacies of this kind and you could combine the trail with the Yorkshire Ale Trail, Tea Trail or Dairy to Deli Trail to add variety to your trip.


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