New Ford Transit Campervan by Wellhouse Leisure

The people who go camping often may need a vehicle that is more suitable for such purposes. It is important for such a vehicle to have a lot of storage space and it should also be comfortable especially in case you go on long trips.

New Ford Transit Campervan by Wellhouse Leisure

The Converter

Wellhouse Leisure is the first converter in the UK that comes up with plans for their transit-based camper. The car will be officially launched in the middle of October. The new car will come with everything that a regular transit car has to offer.


You should think about this car as a regular car with a bit of extra. It comes with a 153 bhp diesel engine of 2-3 liters and it is supposed to cost about £40,000. This is the first company to make sure that their camper van meets all the regulations and standards for cars of this kind.

The Base Idea

In the past the company has been working with Hyundai and their i800 model, but in this case they changed the base model to a Ford Turneo. It looks like the base idea of this model seems to be more suitable for the camping needs of people.

What to Expect?

Although the car seems to be relatively small from the outside, you should know that there is a lot of space on the inside. There is space for seats around a table, a cupboard, a sink and even a minibar. The designers had to make use of all the space and so the bed has a pull-out mechanism that turns the seats into a bed.

Target Market

The target group of the company consists of people who would like to have a place to sleep on the road but can’t or don’t want to buy an RV. The advantage of the car is that it is smaller, easier to drive and to park, and it is just natural that it needs less fuel to get it running.

The Look

Although the car looks just like the original model, there is one thing that will catch your eyes: the top of the car is higher than in case of the regular model. On the inside the car is quite different from the original model especially because all the pieces that are needed to offer people comfort had to fit in. Even though it has everything you need, you won’t have a cramped feeling when traveling.


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