5 Mistakes to Avoid During Bike Camping

Bike camping is definitely an interesting activity that not only offers adventure but also allows you to explore number of camping destinations at one trip. Even experienced bike campers are prone to making certain mistakes that can turn out to be disasters.

Bike camping is not easy and there are many areas which pose a risk of going wrong. The following are the top mistakes one must avoid making when going bike camping.

mistakes to avoid during bike camping

1. Over Packing

Bike camping is that one type of camping where you just cannot over pack. Since you are on the go all the time, you must choose to pack smartly and keep your load light. This camping is not like tent camping or RV camping where you can settle your backpack at one place but is one where you will have to carry it all on yourself or the bike, both of which cannot be put under any burden.

2. Underestimating the Importance of Water

Another mistake which you must avoid making during bike camping is underestimating the importance of water. When it comes to carrying water, always make sure that you have a fully loaded bicycle. You cannot take for granted that you will find various shops and water tanks on the way. Be prepared and fill in those bottles in advance.

3. Going too fast from day one

Bike camping can be very exhausting and physically demanding. You cannot just start off from a fast note as this will drain out your energy at the starting of the trip and you won’t be left with any more for the days to come. Take it slow and steady and do not aim to cover unrealistic lengths in a single day. Take breaks at the right time and often to recharge yourself.

4. Not Maintaining your Bike Properly

The most important aspect of bike camping is your bike itself. Make sure it is in the best of condition when you start and is given proper time and maintenance even on the way. At each stop post, try to examine its condition and make repairs whenever needed to derive the best results out of it.

5. Not Carrying a Map

You cannot rely on your phone’s GPS or directions given by others. Make sure you carry a map with you and have a clear idea of the route in advance.

Thus avoid the above given mistakes and enjoy your bike camping trip to the fullest.


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