Make Your Emergency Camping Kit

You cannot rule out the possibility of an emergency when planning a camping trip. And when you have taken that into account you need to make arrangements to survive the emergency by putting together an emergency kit.

The necessity of an emergency kit is even more if your camp site is in a very remote area. The idea of camping in a remote place where there is no mobile tower reception is quite romantic, but then be prepared to wait for approximately 72 hours (standard time taken for help to arrive) in case of severe emergencies.

emergency camping kit

Must Have Items in Emergency Camping Kit

First Aid Product

The first thing you need in case of accidents at camps is the first aid kit. Make sure you have a disinfectant, some rolls of gauze and gauze pads, painkillers, pain relief ointments, petroleum jelly or lubricant and a small bottle of alcohol (acts as a sterilizer). If you take medicines under prescription, do not forget that.

Hygiene Products

Never forget toilet paper, wipes, trash bags, soap, feminine napkins, toothbrush and tooth paste, gloves and deodorant. In case you are marooned somewhere, extra shots of these items will go a long way.

Tools you will need

You must have some basic tools like a small saw, a pocket knife, some rope, a whistle, matches and some hand warmer.


To be prepared for emergencies you must have a self powered radio, a flashlight, torch, and lighter.

Important Supplies

The most sought after items for emergencies is clean drinking water, heavy duty tent, tarp, dry food like nuts, energy bars and grains along with sleeping bags.
Keep these handy and in positions that are easy to find in your bag. While all the items mentioned above are important, you must have a list of your emergency contacts, your family doctor and any person who lives close to your camp site.

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