Tips to Make Your Camping Eco-Friendly

Apart from all these hustle and bustle, sometimes we all prefer to go to a lonely place where we can get refreshment from our daily life. Camping has always connected us with Mother Nature and gave us the feeling of sereneness which soothes our mind.

Camping is a once in a lifetime experience if once you enjoy the trip, you would go again. When we are going to meet with nature then there is a better way to do it. We can easily do it by following few eco-friendly tips while going camping. Let’s take a look at the few tips for making your camping eco-friendly:

Tips to Make Your Camping Eco-Friendly

  1. Using solar chargers: During camping it is a good method to use solar lights and solar chargers for your trip. These can be charged throughout the day and once fully charged you can use it in the night without wasting any electricity as such with same consumption rate.
  1. Reusable water bottle: There are many camping sites which offer water but it is best to carry a reusable and refillable water bottle so that it can be filled up any time when needed. There will be no throwing of trash bottles and making the environment dirty and neither will there be any health problems.
  1. Toilet rules: It is always recommended to look out for the safety of the health of your own and as well as other campers who go camping. Whenever you go to the loo it is best to go far away from the camping site, nearly about 150-200 meters away, and then dig a hole and after done you should cover it up with soil or sand. It is best to always carry your own toilet accessories such as toilet paper, your paper bag where you would dump the toilet paper after use, and adequate water supplies.
  1. Reuse everything possible: For campers, it is best to use re-usable products which are necessary to stay for days and month in the camping ground. Reusable plates, cups, tents, etc. are a necessary for going camping. It is recommended to use other products which may be of biodegradable in nature so that it does not affect the environment with chemicals and other toxic ingredients.
  1. Usage of sprays: It is a must to carry a bug repellent always to sway off the bugs and insects that attack us during camping. There are poisonous insects too thus making it a necessary item to carry in our bags. But if we want to camp in an eco-friendly way then it is advisable to use any kind of toxic sprays or repellents of bugs and insects. It is also recommended to use a non-toxic sunscreen due to the harmful UV rays of the sun affecting your skin.
  1. No gadgets: During camping it is always a benefit if you leave all your gadgets at home rather than bringing it to the camping site. As gadgets don’t let you enjoy the beauty of nature all alone.



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