Best 3 Luxury Camping Sites in UK

The traditional meaning of camping did not quite have ‘luxury’ as one of its aspects. It was all about cutting your own firewood, building your own fire and tent and enjoying in the lap of nature. But things have changed and most of you will agree that camping today is an excuse to go out with family or friends and unwind, letting the stress of everyday out of your system.

So the luxury element is very much appreciated and day by day tents are being replaced by lovely cabins and tree houses. Read on more to learn about some of such luxury campsites in UK.

Luxurious Campsites of UK

1. Scrayingham, North Yorkshire

scrayingham north yorkshire

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When you want to enjoy the ruggedness of a camp and also unwind in the luxury of a chic hotel, you need to head towards the Jollydays Luxury Camp. This 200 acre private woodland is all about combining the two worlds letting you choose between shareable futons and cozy plush beds. Nature is at its best and the owners go the extra mile of providing breakfast on request to make your stay worthwhile.

2. Broad Oak, East Sussex

broad oak, east sussex

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If you want to live the nomadic life then Barefoot Yurts is the place to be. You can book either of the two Mongolian yurts and relish the experience with the help of solar light, composting toilet and recycled wood.

3. Kenn, Devon

kenn, devon

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The Wood Life here is well known for its safari style tent in the quiet of the woods. Add to your camping perfection the tree house, swings, the flowers that make a natural carpet and the priceless view of the birds and animals around.

There are other places like The Dome Garden in Forest of Dean (Gloucestershire), the Pencuke Farm in St Gennys (Cornwall) and Lakes Yurts in Keswick (Cumbria) that also prize themselves about the luxury they provide to campers.


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