Komperdell Ultralight Vario 4 Walking Poles – Your Hiking Mate

If you are a beginner in hiking you may be asking what is all this fuss about hiking poles. You should know that a good hiking pole is just as important as good hiking shoes. One of the products that you should try is the Komperdell Ultralight Vario 4 Walking Poles.


Most probably the first aspect that you will notice is that the poles are extremely lightweight. Each pole weighs about half a pound. The manufacturer was able to create such a light product due to the fact that the only material used to produce the poles is carbon. You will feel like there is nothing in your hands, even when you are hitting the poles against trees and rocks.


Although you might think that the poles aren’t long lasting simply because of their weight, you are mistaken. They come with a foam grip which is very comfortable and tanks to the straps, you can make sure that you won’t lose the poles. If you have sweaty palms, you will be especially happy about the foam grips.

Folding System

One of the most important features of the product is its folding system. The majority of the poles have a telescope system, with the smaller parts falling into the larger ones. However, these poles have to be twisted apart and the pieces are held together by an elastic, just the like the poles of tents.

Size does Matter

The poles are about 57 inches long, but they can be folded to 18 inches. Although this is an important feature, you should know that it is a disadvantage as well. This is because it is difficult to pack the poles tightly because they have the tendency of opening on their own because of the elastic string.


As a conclusion let’s look at the pros :

  • the poles are made of carbon and they are very durable
  • they are easy to be taken apart and you can use them when hiking, tele-skiing, and cross-country skiing.

On the other hand, the cons include the fact that it is difficult to pack the poles and they don’t come with shock absorption.

Now it is up to you to make a decision regarding this pole. Is it good enough for you or you would like your poles to offer you something more than the mentioned features?


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