Ways to Lower Kid’s Summer Camp Program Costs

Every working parent is aware of the fact that summer camps these days are not budget friendly. Most of the summer camps that are offered are not cheap and sometimes are out of the budget of the parents. But there are several ways in which summer camp program cost can be lowered and below given are some of the ways:

ways to lower kid's summer camp program costs

Summer Camp Scholarships

Many summer camps come with an offer to avail summer camp scholarships. They have their own rules and regulations to avail the scholarship discounts but this helps in lowering the camp cost and saving a lot of extra money that would be spend in sending your child to camping. The qualification through these summer camps scholarship depends on many factors. A music summer camp may require testing your child’s musical skills. A sports camp may require judging the sports expertise of your child.

Sibling Discount

Sometimes summer camps have these terms and conditions that if you enroll more than one child, you will get discount on the second one. You can ask the camping in-charge about the sibling discounts they will offer if you send a sibling or a cousin of same age to the camping. This would be an ideal way to lower kid’s summer camp program cost.

Online Registration

There might be chances of getting discounts on registering online to your kid’s summer camp programs. Some authorities and camp organizers give a discount up to 15-20% if you register or enroll your child in a summer camp through online processes. So before filling it manually, just look for online options as well.

Ask the Camp in-Charge for the Financial Assistant

Most of the camp organizers would not declare it up front that they provide financial assistance to some families. If you would ask the camp managers for some financial aid, they might help you with some extra discounts or offers or sometimes even give you a totally free summer camp program. To avail this kind of assistance, it is important for you to apply early.

Search for Discount Options

Enquire if the camps offer discounts such as early registration, annual registration, multiple enrollment or full season enrollment. Ask for these facilities and discounts before enrolling your child to a summer camp because this would help you save your money in all the future summer camps.


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