Is Camping Losing Popularity in Britain?

The majority of people would think that because of the current economic situations everybody would try to cut their costs and go on vacations that are the least expensive. This means that we would think they would go camping. One of the most recent studies, however, prove the opposite.

Is Camping Losing Popularity in Britain?


According to studies, in the last year the number of people who went camping fell by 6.5 percent. This way the effects of the increase of the number of campers were wiped off by this decrease. Naturally we also have to add that in case of the UK it is difficult to plan a weatherproof camping trip.


Even though some of the campsite owners remove grass and put hard pitches, it looks like the market will stagnate this year, reaching the same levels as last year. This means that people are willing to make larger financial sacrifices to go on vacations not involving camping.


This is another market segment that we might think would increase in times of recession. During the past year only 3% of the population went glamping, which is a disappointment, since the industry expected to see substantial growth.

Affected parties

The industry has a lot of players who expected to make a profit out of camping, such as farmers who turned their lands into glamping sites. In the past celebrities were also involved in camping and glamping, but lately they turned down some invitations as well.

Pixie Lott

She is one of the celebrities who turned down a camping invitation for V Festival and instead she preferred to spend some time with her boyfriend. It seems like people are losing interest for fresh air and they prefer not to leave their comfort zone.


The truth is that in some cases a night in a teepee might cost the guests more than a night in an B&B. Naturally we don’t have to think about the most expensive options, like the £3,700 per night yurt of Mick Jagger. However, spending £370 a night for a regular teepee isn’t a bargain either, even if it is for the entire family.

The climate

It looks like British people just have to admit that the climate they are living in is just right for camping. People usually like the idea of going camping, but they could rent the cottage with the same costs and they wouldn’t have to be afraid of the weather.


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