How to Stay Clean While Camping: A Few Tips

Camping is fun and it is amazing to be out in the open so close to the natural environment. But in thinking how fun and adventurous it is many people tend to forget that there is also something at stake.

One’s personal health, health of fellow campers, personal sanitation of all and such similar things are what are at stake when one goes out camping. Below given are few tips that will help you to keep up with the sanitation and cleanliness issues in the wilderness.

stay clean while campingCarry a Hand Sanitizer

An easy way to ensure that no crazy bacteria are ingested while you are in the open. Carry with you a bottle of hand sanitizer and use it as frequently as you need it like after bathroom breaks and before eating anything etc. This is important to avoid any unpleasantness or sickness when camping.

Swab the Way Through

All through the camping trip another way to maintain personal hygiene is to keep swabbing your whole body or in the least your armpit area, arms, feet and groin. For this you need to carry cotton balls and a solution like isopropyl alcohol or some hydrogen peroxide.

Dip! Dip! Dip!

If you have access to a body of running water at the camping site than never give up a chance to go for a dip. If it’s not possible to go for a whole dip then at least soak in water for five minutes and head on. But keep it in mind that stagnant water bodies will have bacteria and are thus not a good option for a dip.

Dental Hygiene

To maintain your dental hygiene on camping trips carry with you a bottle of mouth rinse, pack of floss and travel size paste and brush. But make note to not rinse near sleeping area, for the aromas may attract animals.


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