6 Hiking Tips for Humid Climate

For avid hikers, weather or other circumstances doesn’t make a difference because every hiking trip to them has something new to offer. Long daylight hours clubbed with sunny skies make a hiking trip altogether a memorable one. But there are some important tips that a hiker should follow when he plans to do hiking in a hot and humid climate and below given is a list of the same:

hiking tips for humid climate

  • Start your hiking early in the morning: If you will start your hiking early morning you would have an opportunity to travel less in the afternoon time and the major part of your journey would be covered in the pleasant weather. It is important that you pick up a less strenuous route so that you travel on a flatter surface.
  • While hiking, plan your journey through some forested areas as this would help you pass through some water streams or water bodies, therefore giving you shelter during the excessive heat.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated is the most important thing that you should keep in mind. This is so because your body will lose approximately 1L of water for every hour you will hike. The water intake should be in good amount so as to prevent the cases of fainting, dehydration and weakness.
  • Intake of salty food is equally important as consuming more and more water. This is so because the salt content from your body will get lowered whenever you will sweat. You need to balance your body system by having food items or liquids rich in Sodium and Potassium. You need to balance the electrolytes that get disturbed due to excessive workout and physical activities during hiking. Remember to carry starch rich fruits such as apple with you while you are going for hiking in humid climate.
  • Rest for some time when you are eating or sipping the liquids. This is important to give some relaxation to your muscles because of the long strenuous journey you have been covering in the humid climate. Resting is also important so that the sweat from your body gets evaporated and the body temperature comes back to its normal scale.
  • Before hiking in humid climate, you should know the signs of heat stroke. When the core body temperature rises too high, you suffer from heat stroke. It is important for you to know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and the possible solutions to prevent the same.

Photo Credit By: nationalgeographic.com


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