Hiking on The Le Chemin De St. Jacques – Fall 2013

As surprising as it may seem, some people still interested in pilgrimages. One of the most well-known routes is the route of Santiago de Compostela. Besides being a relatively religious path, people can enjoy the sights of villages and towns with a rustic feel.

The Starting Point

One of the main starting points of the route is at Le Puy-en-Velay. Usually the pilgrims gather in front of the Cathédrale-de-Notre-Dame. Once you hit the road, you have to follow the trail of the churches made of volcanic rock. This region is known for the Le Puy green lentils. They have a special taste which is said to be because of the volcanic soil. Following this path you will get to Saint-PrivatD’Allier, a small town.

Third Day

On the third day you should head it through the plateau of Rochegude, which is a stronghold. In the past the pilgrims stopped at St. James chapel for devotion. After this you should reach Saugues. This town has been occupied by unemployed people after the Hundred Years’ War until they got paid.

Margaride Plateau

You have to pass through this plateau all the way to the castles of Domaine du Sauvage. Here the pilgrims are picked up by a taxi and brought back to Saugues for the night. The next day a taxi will take you back and you will have to walk through the countryside to the Chapelle Saint-Roch. Pay a visit to Le Rouget.

Connection with Nature

Throughout your journey you will have to pass through woods and moors, following an old Roman road. Soon enough you will reach Montgros and Nasbinal. The eighth day will be the last day spent on the high plateaus. You will pass through Aubrac where there used to be a hospice for pilgrims. In the end you will arrive to Saint-Chély-D’Aubrac.


Before you reach your destination you will also have to pass through Saint-Côme-d’Olt, Espalion, and Saint-Pierre de Bessuéjouls. You will also have the possibility to visit the Saint-Pierre church. Conques is another milestone for you that has a large abbey. Here you will find a lot of relics for you to look at.

On the last day you can choose to explore your surroundings or you can choose to head it home. At this point you have the possibility to choose some means of transportation or to go home the way you got to your destination.


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