8 Common Hiking Mistakes to Avoid

Research have showed that people who are involved in regular walks or seasonal camping have better self-esteem than the rest of us whose only daily walk might include walking up to a parking lot or going to the store across the road. Hiking has evolved as one of the loved activities amongst all age groups.

Starting from kids to senior adults, everyone love hiking – of course the limitations are variable. Trial and error is an invariable part of any hiker’s learning regime. However, some mistakes can be fatal and it’s wise to know about them so that they can be avoided. Below given are some of the most common blunders that hikers make –

hiking mistakes to avoid1. Inability to Read a Map

It is imperative for every hiker to know and understand how to read a map while on trail. GPS on mobile devices might not work when we reach remote places. We must keep in mind the possibilities of minor accidents that might lead to the loss or damage of mobile devices. Reading a map in such cases becomes most important.

2. Distraction

While on a hiking trail we are close to nature and its beauty at best. Such instances often distract us from moving ahead, when we stop to admire and even sometimes try and capture the moment. This result in more exhaustion than your body can take. This also results in inattentiveness of the hikers and getting lost.

3. Excitement

Any outdoor activity gives an adrenalin boost to our body. Hiking even more so, hence it is important for you to understand that working yourself up to such adrenalin boost might prove dangerous and cause accidents. For example while on trail you are tempted to run down a hill, this might result in dangerous accidents, even fatal sometimes. It is a risk not worth taking

4. Overconfidence

This often and is majorly is the reason behind hikers suffering from fatigue and over exhaustion resulting in rescue calls. It can range from insufficient equipment packing to hiking speed. Any such activity should and must be avoided by prospective hikers.

5. Navigation

Hikers often get lost because of lack in navigational experience. If you are out there hiking through a national park, have the emergency numbers and contact details ready in hand. If you are not sure where you and your party is headed call the park officials immediately. You would not want to stay lost after nightfall.

6. Packing

This is probably one of the most important things to be concerned about by hikers. If you are going on a hike, pack the necessities; do not leave behind any necessary thing because you might think it is unimportant. At the same time you must also keep in mind to travel as light as possible. You would not want to be fatigued because you are carrying a too heavy backpack. Consult your hiking team before packing and make a checklist of what is needed.

7. Ignoring Forecast

Remember most tragedies on trail happen due to weather! While hiking you are most exposed to the direct wrath of nature. Hence while planning a hike, always remember to check the weather forecast in order to avoid any mishaps on the trail.

8. Ignoring Storm Signals

Keeping a watchful eye out is the best possible solution for every problem that may arise while you are on your trail! If you observe cloud cover, depression or any other atmospherically abnormal phenomenon then take heed and act upon it immediately. Do not ignore it.

Hiking is a recreational activity and to keep it enjoyable and safe, the above given common mistakes should be avoided.


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