Hike up to the Splendid Spots in UK!

There is no shortage of long distance hiking destinations in the UK, and this does not at all mean that the hikes are similar to each other. Each destination would give you a different rejuvenating experience which would indeed be memorable for you. There are over 230 such trails out of which we have got the best ones for you so that you can get into your hiking boots and start the adventure without any delay.

Coast to Coast Path

This is a 182 miles long hike which needs 12 to 14 days to be completed. If you are a regular hiker, you should indeed go for this trail. It takes you from Cumbria to North Yorkshire through three splendid national parks, the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors. Hence, your hike is going to be filled with amazing landscape views. It is also a custom to dip your booted feet in the Irish Sea once the hike is completed.

West Highland Way

west highland way

This is a 96 mile hike which takes an average of 7 to 9 days to get completed. You have to start from the outskirts of Glasgow and head towards the Fort William near Ben Nevis. During this trail, you will get to see the beautiful glowing shores of Loch Lomond and also get to trek through some of the most remote and unexplored places in the United Kingdom.

The Thames Path

the thames path

This is a 184 miles long hike. It takes 12 to 14 days to get completed and its difficulty level is easy. Hence, even the beginner hiker can easily complete this. The highlight of this trail is following the Thames River from its source, from Kemble to Thames Barrier in London. There are a lot of places on the path where you can stock up on your supplies and easily find an accommodation and hence, you need not carry a lot of luggage.

Glyndwr’s Way

glyndwr’s way

This is a 135 mile long hike which would take around 9 to 11 days to get completed. You will get beautiful breathtaking views of the Cambrian Mountains through this hike and witness some of the best scenery in Wales. This trail starts in Knighton heading towards the forests in Welshpool. You will have to climb numerous hills and hence, this trail is more ideal for experienced hikers as the accommodation facilities of the way are also limited. You can carry your own camping tents to have a backup.


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