Greenhillock Glamping – What is it?

Camping is a very popular activity amongst people of different ages and it is indeed a good option to take a break from your everyday life and go out in the woods or sea or somewhere close to the nature for a peaceful and adventurous experience. You will find many places where many people visit every now and then and enjoy camping with friends and family. These places have suitable spots to set your camp and tents and you can have a nice stay in there.


One such camping zone is the Greenhillock Glamping which is a five-acre site with 20 pitches and a scattering of beautiful bells. The visitors get awestruck with the pictorial and wild, natural aura sets here by simply abandoning in the hills. Some facts to know about Greenhillock glamping are as follows –

  1. You can consider it as a family site, a haven for kids, well equipped with showers, toilets and onsite shops.
  2. Its pitches are generous and well spaced and the communal tent or The Lounge is perfect to stay if the weather doesn’t play balls.
  3. You will also get an Art Shack for creative kids who can enjoy their artistic skills in a different way.
  4. For people who are seeking comforts can ditch their tents and pluck for one of the five bell pods instead that are fully furnished with wooden floors and a private deck area with a firepit.
  5. Greenhillock is a place full of nature trails, some mown narrowly grown among the wild grasses, and many more. Also the hedgerows and mature trees provide enough fallen branches to give a wild and thrilling look.
  6. There is also a pond situated in a quiet corner of the site with wooden board platforms around its edges made purposefully to poke and prod with a net and a bucket. They even help you with other equipments for other activities.

All that you can see in Greenhillock Glamping such as the abundance of nature is the result of more than 20 years of cultivation. It is also an excellent spot for walking and cycling with quite B-roads to keep things safe and sound. There are also other attractions such as a national park, harbor and many more. It is by far the most natural site for camping and getting close to nature. You will be lost in the woods in this amazing place and will feel like never getting found again. Go with your friends or family and will never have a moment when you didn’t enjoyed.



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