Important Glamping Tips for Senior

Glamping is a genre of camping for those who would like to enjoy the greenery aspect of camping, but in style. In simplest of terms, glamping is- camping in presence of amenities which are otherwise absent. In some cases glamping may also mean, resort style camping where none of the traditional camping components are present. It has become very popular amongst all including seniors.

important glamping tips for senior

Below is a conclusive list of glamping tips for senior to keep in mind and to make the most of the glamping trip:

  • One tip that goes for most trips including all camping trips as well is to plan ahead. Planning ahead is more critical for all seniors. You all need to plan and make arrangements for all the things that you will need on your glamping trip.
  • Even though it is glamping and you will have far more amenities than one has on a traditional camping trip you still need to plan all of your meals. All you seniors need to make sure that you eat right. The idea is to choose food that is easy to prepare and also provides you with all the energy you are going to need.
  • One of the easiest ways to get ready for and be completely prepared for a trip is to make a checklist. So out next tip is to make yourself one, list all the medicines and other supplies you need on daily basis and make sure you carry them all; you will not have ready access to such stuff on the glamping adventure.
  • Another thing that is very crucial for all seniors going our glamping is to check for the right accommodation/ tent. Some of you may feel claustrophobic or congested in certain tents. Some seniors claim that they are no longer able to sleep on those tiny, single padded camping beds; and rightly so. So recheck for all the arrangements for your stay.
  • Now, there is not going to be an A/C even on the glamping trip. So the smartest move in this case is to set up your tent in such a spot that you have shade from the sun in day time. This will help keep the tent comparatively warm and will help you enjoy the glamping scene more.
  • The next tip is to pack right for all weather possibilities. While the weather forecasts are a pretty good guide, for seniors it is always safer to carry something for moderate weather possibilities.


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