Top 6 Essential Gear for Motorcycle Camping

Motorcycle camping is a kind of camping which involves motorcyclists moving from one camp to another on their bikes and engaging in other adventurous activities and sports.  Besides using bikes or motorcycles and going camp-hopping, this kind of camping is pretty much similar to the other camping trips.

One needs to pack in all essentials to ensure that the trip goes smoothly. Below given is a list of the most essential gears that you will need for your motorcycling camping trip:

essential gear for motorcycle camping

1. Camping Essential

In order to set up camp and relax after a day of tiresome motorcycling, one needs to have all the camping essentials including a portable tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, ground cloth, LED flashlight, water, maps and non perishable food items. You must also have a lightweight backpack to pack all these items.

2. Safety/Utility

A lot of safety and utility things must also be carried for a motorcycle camping trip and they include first aid kit, water container, thermometer, compass, sunscreen lotion, mosquito repellant, hand sanitizer, bike helmet, biking shoes, toothbrush, paste, a multi-purpose knife, small trash bags, camera with batteries, phone, phone charger, sunglasses, cap/hat and others.

3. Clothing

Proper clothing must also be carried to last for the entire duration of the camping trip. It is better to keep only essentials to avoid making the backpack too heavy. Some essential clothing items include underwear, socks, shorts, tees, a jacket, bathing suit, slippers, sports shoes, rain coat, towel and pants.

4. Cooking and Eating

For cooking, you will need a stove, matches, fuel, eating utensils, can opener, ready to eat foods, cleaning supplies and spoons and spatulas. Some of the basic eating and drinking supplies that must be carried include water, energy bars, nuts, tea/coffee, bread, jam, butter and non perishable foods.

5. Motorcycle Gear

Of course, you cannot leave for motorcycle camping without carrying enough motorcycle gear. You must carry with you a motorcycle jacket, a strong helmet, UV protection sunglasses, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle pants, ear plugs, tire repair kit, rain gear, tool kit, duct tape, chain lube, tire pressure gauge, motorcycle kidney belt and a pump.

6. Others

Some other essentials that you may need on a motorcycle camping trip include sufficient cash, zip lock pouches for putting in cash and cards to avoid getting them damp during rains, an ID, a GPS device, some music, camping sticks, portable games like cards and board games etc.


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